is a colorful, exciting, and free to play online browser game. In Bloxd, you’ll join forces with other players from around the world to build and customize your own 3D block-based city. You’ll be able to design and build your own city from the ground up, from residential homes to industrial factories. You’ll also be able to customize your city with a wide variety of block styles and textures. In addition to building and customizing your city, you’ll also be able to play a variety of mini-games within the game. From racing cars to running your own zoo, you’ll be able to explore a wide variety of activities. The game also features an in-game chat system so you can easily communicate with other players. With its attractive visuals and engaging gameplay, is sure to provide hours of fun for all ages. You don’t need to download anything to get started and you can play it directly in your browser. Best of all, the game is free to play and you can play it in a variety of languages. So go ahead and start building your own city in today!