is an online browser game that will test your reactions and reflexes as you compete against other players. The goal of the game is to reach the finish line before your opponents, and you’ll have to use precision and speed to do it. You’ll have to make your way across a winding 3D track using your arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character. As you move, you’ll have to collect coins and power-ups while avoiding obstacles. You’ll also need to be aware of the other players on the track as you race to the finish line. The faster you reach the finish line, the better your score will be. is a great way to challenge your reflexes and have some fun with friends. It has crisp 3D graphics, smooth motion, and a range of power-ups. You can play with up to three of your friends in a single race and the game also has a leaderboard to keep track of your rankings. So, come join the fun and see if you have what it takes to be the top racer!