Smash karts
Smash is a thrilling and addictive online browser game that offers endless entertainment for gamers of all ages. Players will become drivers and race through the tracks, avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups as they go. Players can race against other players or against their own best times in Time Trial mode. The controls are simple and intuitive, making it easy to pick up and play. The colorful, cartoon-style graphics and upbeat music create a fun and inviting atmosphere. There are a variety of tracks to choose from, ranging from easy to expert levels. Players can customize their karts with different skins and modify the handling of their vehicles to make them unique. Players can join tournaments and compete for the top spot on the leaderboards. They can also join clubs and collaborate with other players to achieve their goals. As players progress and achieve higher ranks, they can unlock new tracks and more challenging levels. Smash is an exciting and fun game that the whole family can enjoy. There's no need to register or download anything, and it can be played directly from your web browser. So, put your driving skills to the test and join the competition on the track!