is an exciting and fast-paced online browser game that puts your reflexes to the test! As a player, you have to take control of a character and battle your way through various levels of monsters and other players. You can collect coins to improve your character's stats and purchase new equipment which will help you survive in the game. Aside from that, you can also go up against other players in thrilling online PvP battles. The game is set in a beautiful 3D world that makes use of a state of the art lighting and shadow engine to create a stunning atmosphere. The game also uses a dynamic physics engine to make the battles even more challenging and exciting. Your character can use a variety of weapons and skills to take out enemies. You can also customize your character with different items and abilities to make it stronger. There are also various characters to choose from, so you can play with the one that suits your style the best. Play with your friends or go up against players from around the world and prove your skills. With an ever-changing world filled with monsters and other players, you'll never be bored with!